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Treaty of Hartford September 21, 1638

Articles of Agreement between the English in Connecticutt And the Indian Sachems

 A Covenant and Agreement Made between the English inhabiting the Jurisdiction of the River of Connecticut of the one part and Miantimony the Cheif Sachem of the Narragansets in the behalf of himself and the other Chief Sachems there and Poquin or Uncas the Chief Sachem of the Indians called the Mohegans in the behalf of himself and the Sachems under him as followeth at Hartford ye 21st September 1638. There is a Peace and familiarity made between the said Miantinomie and the Narragansett Indians and the said Poquin and Mohegans Indians and all former Injuries and wrongs offered each to other remitted and buried and never to be renewed any more from henceforth – It is Agreed if there fall out injuries and wrongs for future to be done or Committed each to other or their Men they shall not preſently revenge it but they are to Appeal to the English and they are to Decide the same And the Determination of the English to stand and they are each to do as is by the English set down and if the one or the other refuse to do it shall be lawful for the English to compel them and to side and take part if they see cause against the Obstinate or refusing party.  It is Agreed and a conclusion of peace and friendship made between the said Miantinome and the said Narragansetts and the said Poquin and said Mohegans as long as they carry themselves Orderly and give no Just cause of offense and that they nor either of them do Shelter any that may be Enemies to the English that shall or formerly have had hand in Murdering or killing any English Man or Woman or consenting thereunto they or either of them shall as soon as they can either bring the Chief Sachem of our late Enemies the Pequots that had the chief hand in killing the English to the said English or take off their heads As alſo for those Murderers that are now agreed upon amongst us that are living they shall as soon as they can possibly take off their heads if they be in their Custody or elsse whersoever they or any of them Shall come amongst them or to their Wigwams or any where if they can by any means come to them. And whereas therebe or is Reported for to be said Narragansetts and Mohegans 200 Pequots living that are Men besides Squaws and Papoſes The English do give unto Miantinome and the Narraganſetts to make up the Number of Eighty with the Eleaven they have already and to Poquin his Number and that after they the Pequots shall be divided as aforeſaid shall no more be called Pequots but Narragansetts and Mohegans and as their Men or either of them are to Pay for every Sannop One fathom of Wampampeag and for every Youth half so much and for every Sannop Papose one hand to be paid at shilling time of Corn at Connecticutt Yearly and shall not Suffer them for to live in the Country that was formerly theirs but now is the English by Conquest neither shall the Narragansets nor Mohegans possess any part of the Pequot Country without leave from the English And it is always expected that the English Captives are forthwith to be delivered to the English such as belong to Connecticutt to the Sachems there and such as belong to the Massachusets.  The said Agreements are to be kept inviolably by the Parties abovesaid and if any make breach of them The other Two may Joyn and make Warr upon such as shall break the same unless Satisfaction be made being reasonably required.

Governour John Haynes
Roger Ludlow
Edward Hopkins
The Mark of Miantinomy
The Mark of Poquiam, alias Uncas

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