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Thomas Stanton to Major John Mason about a conspiracy of Indians - July 8, 1669

Honored  Sir Majr. Mason 

   After due respecktes to your selfe these maye informe you yt wee have Divers and strang informationes Consirning the Indianes in these ᵱrts, Harman Garrat this daye Came to mee and teles mee yt Nenegrates dasserter sent a messenger on purpose to in forme him yt there is speedylye the greatest dans to bee made by Nenegrat yt ever was in the Naragansset and yt if hee would Com and Joyn wth him in it, it should bee the meanes of his rising upp, and yt hee Nenegrat had sent to Nip net and Long IsLand and to the pequates and to Unkas & his to invite them and from Divers other ᵱartes so yt there is Like to bee a great concors of Indianes at yt meeting, An English boye about 12 yeeres of age well verſed in the Indian tung wc he Liveth at Cowsattack, was in Joyned secrelie last maye and then bid tell his mother whoe was present, yt in pittie to yu hur the Indian squa did tell hur yt the Indianes did speedilyie in tend to Cutt off the Englysh and yt it was plotted at Robines town at the dance when I arested Nenegrat when Unckas was wth him at the dance, the woman would (yt is good wife Osborn would) have spoke of this Long since but hur husband Comananded hur the Contrarie and tould hur shee would bee Counted, but shee heering of the rumor yt is abroad, shee came to mee to informe mee of wt shee met wth in maye where uppon I sent for an Indian whom shee said was by when the squa in formed hur of the a boy said plot, uppon Examination the Indian did owne yt Osbornes wife & son did tell them yt the Indianes had plotted to Cutt of the English, and yt such a squa did in form them so, but said hee I did not heare the discors beetwene Osborns wife and the squa thaye discorſsng privatlie my selfe beeing a pretie spase from them, allso an Indian called mosomp, a man of Noat amongst the pequates, tould this a boy said Osbornes son at Cowsatock yt it should Cost them there blloods but thay would have Cowsatock agaien, the truth is thaye are verie hie of Late and slite all athorietie of the Inglish but such as lutes wth ther own rumores, Allso Nenegrats and Unckas beeing together at the dans at Robinestown, is and was matter of wonderment to mee yt thaye woe durst not Looke Each uppon other this 20 yeeres but at the muzzell of a gunn or at the pille of an arrow should now bee so great when as Nenegrat a Littell beefore said Unckas was matchet bee Case hee had such afffiniety wth mowakes, Thomas Edwardes whoe Lives at my farme Came and informed mee yesterdaye yt Nenegrat sending for all the block IsLand Indianes whoe Came and those yt would not or Could not fight hee sent them over a daye & would Entertayn non but such as would fite, but would not Declare whome thaye were yt hee would fite wthall, this was declared to Edwards by severall Naraganset Indianes, allso there hath bin severall Long IsLanders Last weeke whoe brought Considrabell sumes of wampam to Nenegrat for the Caring on the war as is reported, allso 2 dayes since there there Came a naraganset to my sln Thomasses to by powder and Lead beeing denyed hee inquired of him wt store I had, and if I would ſell anye, but my son & after found hee had store of powder and bulletes about him Thaye are Exceedingly furnished of amunition and the report is yt if thaye ar disapoynted of destroying the Inglish then thaye will flie up in to the Cuntrie towards the mowakes & there Live yt is there Last shift, if thaye doe any thing it will bee wthin these few dayes, and if god prevent them not, our town is Like to under goe the first of there Cruelltyes, A Credebell Indian reportes heare yt Danyell Robin Sonemanes partner hath bin up wth the mōwakes this spring wth a great sum of wampam and since his returne hath uttred discontent & yt hee would Live no Longer under the English but would goe & Live under or wth the mowakes, allso Nenegrat hath his postes wch run to & from wth great Speede wch are of his neer atendanc this is for a certen tru, wch gives us to deeme yt thinges ar wth them bee yond there ordinarie or usuall Cours, other surcumstances I Could ad, but yt I may not bee tedious to you. 
   I hope you will bee rightlie direct by the most hie to doe yt wch maye bee for his glorie & the saftie of his poore peopell Comited to your Care & watch, so wth hope of a Line or to of Advies from you.
   I rest & subscribe my selfe Sir, 
   your Sirvant Tho Stanton 
   Stoningtun this 8th of July 1669

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