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Sheila Sabo – B.A. Anthropology, M.A. History - Munson Builders Archaeologist

Property across the street from Munson-Osborn Property before construction of condominiums.  This property was once the Pequot Motor Inn and was surrounded by parts of what had been the Great Swamp. The swamp was approximately 25 ½ acres.  All areas that had been swamp were filled, with some areas having as much as two hundred feet of swamp.  Old Postcards of the Pequot Motor Inn are shown below.

It was described at one time as “The great and hideous swamp”.  The photograph below was said to have been “taken from the last of the Pequots with the first of the Kodaks”.

 Interstate 95 now passes through parts of the swamp.  Parts of the swamp can be seen behind the swimming pool.  This area no longer exists.


Map of land owned by Osborns

Artifacts found in areas of excavation
Hudson Metro Railroad Button –Circa 1908

Native American Projectile Point (arrowhead) Jasper Points used during time of war


Quartz fragment - used in the manufacture of projectile points


Portion of colonial pipe stem

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